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Triscuits, Crackers of the Gods

Yesterday I said I would review some Triscuits, so I am doing just that. I have no idea when the last time I posted here two days in a row was, but it has been more than a minute. I … Continue reading

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“More like FAT for Dragon*Con, amirite?”

43 Days Until Dragon*Con 2013 I can hear the jokes now. In a fit of unbridled self-confidence I told Dragon*Con to put “fitfordragoncon” as my display name on my membership badge. And now I kinda regret it. I know I … Continue reading

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Only 83 Days Until Dragon*Con 2013…   Yeah, we get it, you know the “Konami code” (a term I never even heard until a few years ago or so). Let me guess, you know the lyrics to “Ice, Ice Baby” … Continue reading

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the Hobbit Review

By now the internet will be weighted down with reviews for the Hobbit movie from a nation of bleary-eyed nerds who stayed up way past their bedtime to watch a film that would transport them back into their favorite mythical … Continue reading

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2 Holiday Dranks

I’ve said it before, but here it is again anyway: reviews have got to be the lowest form of bloggery. Everybody thinks their opinion of something is so damn important. Well, for a change, mine is not. My opinion sucks … Continue reading

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