“More like FAT for Dragon*Con, amirite?”

43 Days Until Dragon*Con 2013

I can hear the jokes now.

In a fit of unbridled self-confidence I told Dragon*Con to put “fitfordragoncon” as my display name on my membership badge.

And now I kinda regret it.

I know I haven’t been on here much lately, and even less so with a dyed-in-the-wool fitness post. Of course, as anyone who has read this blog knows, my “fitness” posts are mostly about me not being able to fitness properly. I’m dejectedly fitnessing on the Whirly-Bird, while the gym rats hit the things that don’t require pulleys or pedals to make them go. Like a benched press.

The reason is, unsurprisingly, that I have really let myself go. Again. And again and again and again, etc.

I have a pattern, and it goes a little something like this:

Day 1. Get motivated. This usually happens around about 3am at work while browsing the internet and coming across some story about a guy who lost a thousand pounds by having endless thumb wars with himself. Or I youtube some Manowar.

Day 2. Get motivated. The 3am motivation dies immediately when the sun comes up and I trudge to bed. But if I can still be motivated when I wake up on the afternoon of Day 3, this usually leads to…

Day 3. Actually go to the gym! As always, I hate it for the first few minutes. I get on the Whirly-Bird (who is ecstatic when I put my weight in on the control center) and for the first few minutes I genuinely believe that I have made a mistake. This sucks.
But, after leaving the gym, I feel great and wonder why I quit going for so long.

I’ll go the gym, or exercise at home using the treadmill and/or kettlebell for about a week. Then something will come up.

“Hey man, we’ll be in town tomorrow night! Can we crash at your place?”

Or we’ll go out of town, or I’ll have a Drinking Club meeting, or something else.

Point is, I get distracted and thrown off course easily. This is a weakness in myself, and I am thoroughly aware of that.

But I have a plan!
The first time someone at Dragon*Con asks me about my badge name, I’ll tell them, “Yeah, I do a stupid fitness blog! You should’ve seen me a year ago! I lost a thousand pounds just by eating sardines and farting a lot!”

I might reserve that one for Plan B.

Plan A is to continue working out.

You see, I’ve been to the gym for the past two weeks! And eating better! By better, I mean not having pizza and wings and beer for every meal.

Today I made some soy chili, which I enjoyed with some Triscuits, the crackers of the gods. In fact, tomorrow I plan on reviewing 2 different kinds of Triscuits, and one off-brand Triscuit. So you have that to look forward to (I kid, I kid).

The other day a guy I knew in college died from a heart attack, and he wasn’t on coke or nothin! Just BAM! dead. I couldn’t help but think, “And the same thing can happen to YOU, Ebeneezer Scrooge!”

I’m at the age now where I can either give up and die of a heart attack, or exercise and live for another 40 years.

My mantra used to be, “I’d rather live a short happy life, doing everything I want to do, than a long miserable one, denying myself the things that I love.”

Now it’s more like, “I don’t wanna die.”

At least not before I receive my pre-ordered PS4.

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3 Responses to “More like FAT for Dragon*Con, amirite?”

  1. Brandon says:

    Hey, a new post!

    I’ve been doing good fitnessing lately. I’m in the best shape of my adult life right now. I completed a triathlon in May! I’ve lost over 60 pounds this year (sadly, I still need to lose a good bit more).

    I know what you mean thought about easily getting off track when different things come up. It’s taken me two weeks to get back on track since I came back from my honeymoon.

    I’m getting really excited about DragonCon. There seems to be news about guests and programming coming out everyday, and I just can’t wait. I’ve always dreamed of meeting a Ghostbuster and a Muppet…and Ernie Hudson and TWO Fraggles are going to be there. Also, Marina Sirtis and Patrick Stewart are the only TNG cast members I haven’t seen so I was happy they announced her recently.

    Keep at it, and blog more too.

    • Oh man. You are the flippin’ man, Brandmed. That is what I’m talking about!!! Good on ya, brother! I’m right behind ya. Thanks for the encouraging words, both fitness-wise and blog-wise.

      I am so pumped for Dragon*Con this year. Ghostbusters, Fraggles, and a screening of the infamous “Cabal Cut” of Nightbreed, with some of the cast! It’s gonna be a wild time, I just hope I don’t stress out too much about doing it all. I tend to do that. I also tend to get a lil tipsy and space out on what I want to do.

      We gotta meet up this year and kick it. I’ll holler at ya on the facebook.

  2. Brandon says:

    Yes, we definitely need to do that!

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