About FitForDragonCon.com

Basically, I started out wanting to use this blog to gather a sort of community of like-minded people who wanted to lose weight and get healthy.

These days, I mostly post about dumb pop-culture stuff. Usually nostalgia type things. There are a ton of blogs out there that do that sort of thing, and this one is far from the best, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Check my blogroll for other, better, blogs.

And for legal purposes, I have no official affiliation with Dragon*Con whatsoever. Here’s a picture of their logo.

Aaaaand here’s what I did to it…


4 Responses to About FitForDragonCon.com

  1. Juggernaut says:

    Glad to see another geek geeking out on fitness, and not in that normal geek way where someone will walk to the store to get twinkies instead of driving, and then call that a good day’s sweat. I’ve said for years that if us geek-folk could just get our collective bodies right, there’d be a massive upward shift in the way the general population perceives us. I’ll see you at DC. Look for the ripped guy dressed as a cross between Leonidas and Boba Fett!

    • A Spartan with a Boba Fett helmet, eh? That is a fantastic idea! I wish I could pull that off. I keep harping about being Conan at D*C, but there is no way that is going to happen, unless I want it via unnatural means.

      I completely agree with you that it is past time for us geeks to smash the stereotype of Obese Basement Dweller. I like to think that is my whole purpose with this blog: to unite us all in our fitness goals and for all of us to be both smart AND fit!

  2. Juggernaut says:

    I brought a non-geek (more like a closeted geek) to a recent Con and she was blown away by how many “hot guys” there were walking around. The basement dwellers are dwindling to hopefully become an insignificant minority. The stereotype has already been staggered, my friend. Now we just need to knock it down and curb stomp it.

    • I agree that geeks are, finally, starting to squash the stereotype, but I think that is for, probably, a couple reasons:
      1. Geek culture is flippin popular as hell right now. So when you go to a big Con and see a bunch of fit people, it’s probably because Dragon*Con, and especially Comic*Con, is appealing to a wider audience. And I definitely feel like Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that we can’t be 400lbs. and healthy.
      2. The basement dwellers probably don’t really go to Cons, and if they do, they probably stay in the darkest corners of the gaming areas.

      I guess my main point is that, in my opinion, there are definitely still basement dwellers out there, the pure geeks of the world, while the rest of us (I have often referred to myself, here and elsewhere, not as a geek, but just as a normal person with eccentric interests) have learned to mesh with the rest of our surrounding world, no matter how much we hold it in contempt.

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