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My Dragon*Con 2013 Experience by fitfordragoncon

9 Days or so since Dragon*Con 2013!!! I am going to start this wrap-up of my experiences at Dragon*Con this year in the most appropriate way I know how: by having a tall tumbler full of Blanton’s Bodaciously Badass Bourbon. … Continue reading

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Triscuits, Crackers of the Gods

Yesterday I said I would review some Triscuits, so I am doing just that. I have no idea when the last time I posted here two days in a row was, but it has been more than a minute. I … Continue reading

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2 Holiday Dranks

I’ve said it before, but here it is again anyway: reviews have got to be the lowest form of bloggery. Everybody thinks their opinion of something is so damn important. Well, for a change, mine is not. My opinion sucks … Continue reading

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A Day with George Hardy from Troll 2: Prologue

I often talk about how my own sense of nostalgia gives certain stupid things a pass. Troll 2 is not one of those things. Because it is totally bitchin. Without any nostalgia, or irony, or anything else like that. **************************************************************************************************** … Continue reading

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Got a message from our friend Jonathon Cabot that said he regretfully needed to bow out of this Thursday’s post. Seems he has been deployed to the North Pole to battle goblins. Evil, nasty, hateful, stinky, Christmas-hating goblins, who ride … Continue reading

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