Got a message from our friend Jonathon Cabot that said he regretfully needed to bow out of this Thursday’s post. Seems he has been deployed to the North Pole to battle goblins. Evil, nasty, hateful, stinky, Christmas-hating goblins, who ride evil Polar Bears.

Santa & the Elves, along with the good Polar Bears, have barricaded themselves into Santa’s Workshop and it’s up to Mr. Cabot and his elite crew of highly-trained gymkata experts to get them out, defeat the goblins, and save Christmas.

We wish Mr. Cabot well in this endeavor and pray for the safe return of himself and his crew of gymcats, and for the arrival of Christmas as scheduled.

Go get ’em, Gymcats!!!!

Next week, this issue should be resolved and we will, hopefully, see a return of Jonathon to the sunny USA, where he belongs, and to this Thursday spot where we’ve all been thoroughly enjoying his posts on fitness.

Until then, I leave you with this:

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