Bayou Babylon Launches Today

Today I made my first post on Bayou Babylon, my new blog.

It is about something of the most dire importance: French Fry Po’Boys and the People Who Love Them.

Read it here .

To that end, this will be the last post on

Please follow me over there, if you are interested in world-shattering blogposts about po’boys and other critical information like you have come to expect from me for these past few years or so.


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2 Responses to Bayou Babylon Launches Today

  1. Here We Come A-Waffling says:


  2. Diane H. Low says:

    I just found you, looking for “junk pot” after tv show, in CA, on Southern cooking (esp. Miss.). I love your blogs — they are REAL, original language, at least to me a CA girl (77 years) except for HS in GA. Keep it coming, that’s the beauty of the REAL Blogger, not these ratty ones.
    Junk pot and Po’Boy were fascinating.! Fries ‘boy = way original.
    You should write for a living: I’d read your books!! Maybe something (s) about a guy like you in the Deep. I don’t know any such. (Retired Eng. teacher: maybe too much “lit-er-a-ture.”)

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