My Geeky Christmas Presents 2011

As a grown ass man, it can sometimes be hard to convince your family and friends that you need toys or video games for Christmas. Hell, I’d probably never even venture to ask for a lot of things that I really want from certain family members. But there’s always one or two people in your Christmas-gift circle that really know you and, whether they approve or not, will get you something that is true to your interests. And my interests usually do not include practical gifts like socks and underwear, or tools. (Just in case any family members are reading this, I appreciate the s&u gifts, and they will be put to work asap)

That said, here’s the geekiest stuff that I got for Chrimus this year:

bad movies!!!

Like most people who love obscure horror/cult movies, I am a total sucker for these multi-packs. This was a gift from my wonderful wife (would your wife buy you a multi-movie pack with a half neckid woman on the front???), who knows me very well, obviously. I don’t know if you can tell what cinematic classics are in this pack, but the only one that I have actually seen is “the Teacher”. The rest are all new to me, and that is a wonderful thing. Can’t wait to dive into these babies.

Batman Games!

I went out on a limb this year by asking for video games. To actually receive them was a gotdamn Christmas miracle! I’m not much of a console gamer (most of the time my xbox is playing the role of “expensive paperweight”), but a friend of mine recommended these games to me, saying “It makes you feel like you’re Batman. Seriously.” Or something to that effect. How could I say no? I’ve only played a little bit of the first one, but I like it so far. The “3D” that it boasts on the cover is total bullshit, but the game is still fun. I’m glad they didn’t base these games on the Christopher Nolan movies.


Lord of the PEZ

Two geeky things at once! Three even, if you count “candy” as being “geeky”. But PEZ dispensers and Lord of the Rings are definitely fit for dragoncon. I’m not much of a PEZ dispenser collector (I know they’re out there, though), but seeing these giant LOTR heads on top of PEZ dispensers was just too silly not to point out to my sister and say, “Yes. That. That is what I want for Christmas.” Allow me to now rank these PEZ dispensers in order, from best to not-best:

1. Frodo. Elijah Wood is a knob. I love the movies, but he gets on my nerves big time, and seeing him disgraced like this is quite enjoyable, for me.

2. Samwise. Not quite as annoying as Frodo. Funny to see Rudy on a PEZ dispenser.

3. Gollum. The only one who looks happy to be here.

4. Gimli. Beard.

5. Bilbo. Bilbo actually looks pretty good, and he’s smiling, which is very hobbit-y of him.

6. Gandalf. I think the real Gandalf would be pissed as hell at this affront to his dignity, but I hafta admit, he looks good here.

7. & 8. (tie) Aragorn & Legolas, as PEZ dispensers, are just plain boring. Aragorn’s beard looks like crap, but I like him better than Legolas, so it evens out.



I know what you’re thinking: “How are expensive shoes geeky?” Allow me a little slideshow on why these shoes are totally frackin boss:

"I'm gonna go down to the basement and check it out."


Be careful!!!






That’s right, ladies and germs: Ash is wearing Clark’s Wallabees in the first Evil Dead movie!!!! And now I have some!!!! Hail to the King, baby!!!


So what sort of geekiness did you unwrap this year? Share your stories and how you convinced the Fam to get it for you.




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14 Responses to My Geeky Christmas Presents 2011

  1. 1148BucksX2 says:

    It was a pretty lean year. Closest thing to geeky was finally getting around to taking myself to see the new Muppets. The look on the cashier’s face was priceless–she was probably playing a game where she guesses what each person is there to see.

    Wasn’t too bad at all. With the exception of one or two faces that I could place, nearly every much ballyhooed celebrity cameo was apparently lost on me. I knew I was missing out on the significance when I heard people around me react (it was a surprisingly packed house). Although it did work both ways at some points. I was sitting next to a mom and at least three of her kids whom I scooted my seat to accommodate in our row. One of her little guys would periodically prompt her for Muppet names, and I was there to help if she was stumped.

    • One of my favorite parts of going to see the Muppets movie was seeing the little kids really get behind it. I’ve been under the impression, for awhile now, that kids these days are only interested in computer animated garbage, and the Muppets would seem too antiquated for their 3D-addled brains. It pleased me that it was a hit, hopefully this means a long future of new, good, Muppets movies.

  2. 1148BucksX2 says:

    Just to slake my curiosity, did you specify the Wallabees to someone, or was that a complete surprise from someone who *really* knew you well?

    • I did specify, but it was a surprise because, for us, they are quite expensive. I’m surprised at how comfy they are, but I’m also surprised that they aren’t more durable: I was told that the suede or corduroy ones I asked for would not do well in rain, and since we live in the 2nd-rainiest area of the USA, that just won’t do. So I got the “leather” ones (isn’t suede leather?), which are technically better, so it worked out. They look and smell frackin awesome.

  3. Brandon says:

    I got wallabees last year. I love them, but I never knew Ash wore them. Even more reason to love them, Walter White wore them a lot on Breaking Bad this year. I really want one of those LOTR Pez sets to match the Star Trek set I got for my birthday a few years ago. I expected someone would get it for me for Christmas. Guess I’ll have to pick it up for myself. I had quite the geeky gift haul this year. Highlights included a Gryffindor scarf, DC superheroes pint glasses, a sweet Superman clock, a Ghostbusters mug, Star Wars Mad Libs, and more. You can see them on my blog here:

    • I’ve been wanting some Wallabees for a long time, both because of the good reviews I had read and because of the Evil Dead connection.

      I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with the out-o-date browser I have to work with here at the salt mine. So here’s the gist of it:
      “Great haul! The Moose Mugs are something I have contemplated for so long that I know feel it is destiny that I will own a couple at some point in my life. Shame to hear that they are so small, they definitely don’t look that small in Cousin Eddie’s big mitts. Perhaps they come in different sizes?”

      • Brandon says:

        They sell these and a mini-replica size for display. These are the officially licensed ones. I exaggerated by calling them a shot-glass but they are smaller than a normal mug. The antlers are angled back instead of straight out like they appear to be in the movie. My mouth just fits into the space between the antlers so they’re not the easiest things to drink out of, but they’re still super cool. I mean who cares if it’s easy to use when it’s a Christmas Vacation moose mug?

      • 1148BucksX2 says:

        “The salt mine.” Just as Paley said…..

      • hahahaha! indeed! Great reference

  4. Exactly. Presumably from Walley World, or at the very least, some officially-licensed Marty Moose merchandise. A few years ago I got a Walley World t-shirt, like the ones in the movies, and wore it to Disney World. Got a great pic of Mickey Mouse freaking out about the shirt. Good times, great oldies.

  5. I didn’t get anything specifically geeky, but I did get my own pink luggage (so I could return my parent’s to them) that I immediately put my Dragon*Con luggage tag on (though the handle broke during it’s inaugural flight, so now I have to deal with the warranty people). I also got a new digital camera, since mine broke the week before last years Con and I was uber upset. Plus, it’s one of those drop/water/sand/freeze/Con proof ones! I also got loose-leaf tea and infuser which is kind of neo-Victorian/steampunk geeky. I did get lots of gift cards so I can go get my own geeky things, which is probably for the best, anyway.

    All of your gifts are awesome. Use them well!

    • New luggage is awesome! My D*C luggage tag is currently so scratched up that I don’t think anyone would even know what it says. I wish I could make some luggage tags, but I am lazy.

      I have a couple additions since I posted this entry, since I have been busy spending Christmas money and gift cards:
      – 2 LOTR-inspired churchwarden tobacco pipes from MacQueen Pipes
      – Got a new video camera that is Con-proof, supposedly. Video and still pics. Cheapo one, but it’ll be fine for my needs.

  6. Bill McGee says:

    Arkham asylum is great, you will love it. I haven’t played the second one.

    The LOTR pez dispensers are amazing. I love how they are height appropriate!!

    • I haven’t played either of the Batman games since I posted this. I’m still too caught up in Middle-Earth in LOTRO.

      I love my PEZ dispensers. I probably won’t ever take them out of the box, but I’m wondering if the short ones will hold a whole packet of PEZ candies.

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