Marriott Marquis for Dragon*Con 2012 SOLD OUT in 8 Minutes!!!

332 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012…

According to the internet, rooms at the Marriott Marquis were SOLD OUT in 8 minutes flat!!! This is beyond my comprehending abilities. First off, how in the hell could that many people get in touch with one hotel, all at the same time, in 8 minutes? There was online booking, and of course you could go the steampunk route and call them, but I just don’t see how 2,200 (!) rooms can sell out that quick without their website completely crashing from the traffic, or the phone lines being melted by the sheer will of so many nerds trying to crowd in at once.

The good news, which you already know if you follow my facebook and/or tweeters, is that Fit for Dragon*Con is IN!!!! Indeed, tis true…

I woke up this morning, went to the JFZ (I even had a guest! the wife went with me. I am a proud owner of the “BLACK CARD” which means I get unlimited tanning… and also unlimited guest privileges), had a great workout (35 minutes with the ol’ whirly bird, then the trilogy of terror), came home and took a shower, then got on the computer at 5 minutes until 7am here (8am there).

I posted on tweeter and counted down the minutes until 2 minutes till 7am. Then I went to the website, which I accessed via the D*C official site, and refreshed the page over and over until it allowed me to book a room. I faltered once, when it asked if I wanted a “Deluxe Room” or a “2 Double Beds” room. They were the same price, so I took a second to peruse what could possibly be the difference. I definitely wanted two beds (my D*C travel companion and I are tight bros, but not that tight), but if a “deluxe” room included something cool, at no extra cost, like an in-room massage therapist, then I wanted that.

I shook myself out of my reverie, saying to my self, “Self! Wake up, Precious! We just want a room! To hell with the details!”

So I clicked on the “2 Double Beds” room and the rest is history. Real history, none of that alt- shit.

Right after that, I got back on the tweets and someone I’m “following” had already tweeted that the rooms were sold out. To test this, I went back to the reservations website, put in the D*C dates and, sure enuff, the rooms were “unavailable”.

Didja get in??? I hope so. I only want the best for anyone who is kind enough to read this. If you did not, do not fear! In the past, when a hotel has sold out for a special event, they may open up more rooms for availability to conventioneers (or as the Marriott’s rez site says, my “colleagues”). You can rest assured that all of the rooms are not given up to D*C folk like ourselves.

I have also heard that the Hyatt is already sold out, so get on those reservations as soon as you can!

With all that, I must admit that I’m excited! So excited, in fact, that I’m going to post some pictures that I have taken in the Marriott during Dragon*Con. If I can find them…

"I am Irrrooonnnn Maaaaannnn..."

I honestly have a really hard time believing that some joe-shmoe like me made this costume. Sure, it looks good (even though I almost universally hate all the new superhero movies), but it looks too good. This is a professional job, hanging out with all us losers who have to make-do with our homemade Goblin King costumes. Behind Hollywood here, you can see the bar that is in the atrium at the Marriott. Drinks are ridiculously overpriced at this joint, but like all fun places to be, “you’re paying for the atmosphere”.

Well. I thought I had more pics that were obviously from inside the Marriott, but I must have deleted them or something. This photo is right after the Iron Man one, so I guess it was taken in there somewhere. Somewhere near a Ladies room.

God of War

Kratos is pissed. Just look at him. He can’t find the Men’s room. Or the God’s room. He thought he had found it, but nope, it was the Ladies room. Now he’ll kill anyone who stands between him and urinary relief (even the gods are not immune to the effects of too many mojitos).

But seriously, this dude looks just frackin like Kratos, which is why I took a picture of him (I’m a big fan of the first God of War game). It was funny because I think I was the only dude taking pictures of him. Fuck it. I’m comfy in my own masculinity. Comfy enough, even, to take pictures of half-neckid dudes in warpaint.

Well…. that is enough for today. I was going to post about my D&D Alignment, but that will just hafta wait until tomorrow. My “word counter” is telling me that it’s time for a commercial.

But before we go, I wanted to tell you all that it is now, for real, October. One of the best months of the year for many reasons, and the start of the holiday season. 2011 is officially on its way out. It’s downhill from here because there is constantly something going on.

Hallowe’en, the O.G. Dragon*Con, is coming towards us at an alarming rate. Once upon a time, I posted on a message board where I did a thread every year called “31 Days of Halloween”. I am convinced that ABC Family stole this from me. I would review a different something (it didn’t have to be a movie, though most times it was) to watch every day until Halloween. Well, I’m bringing them shits back. Better late than never, right?

So, 28 Days of Halloween…

Starting tomorrow. So it’ll be 27 Days of Halloween.

See you then.

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3 Responses to Marriott Marquis for Dragon*Con 2012 SOLD OUT in 8 Minutes!!!

  1. Oldfanboy says:

    2,200 did not book all the rooms in 8 minutes. A lot of people called them direct and reserved rooms before they went live on-line. A friend of mine booked his room at the Sheraton just a couple of days after D*Con 2011 ended by calling the Atlanta Sheraton direct. He tried to book next year before he checked out but they would not do that.

    I booked at the Quality Hotel (2 blocks from the Marriott) a couple of weeks ago. They only had 2 rooms left then.

  2. Yeah, I kinda figured something like that. I noticed when I booked our room that the Wednesday before, and the Monday after, were already sold out, so I figured a lot of people had booked for Wednesday through Tuesday beforehand, in order to guarantee a room. I also assumed that the Marriott, like most hotels, kept some rooms back from being offered to D*C conventioneers. There’s that football game and all…

    Thanks very much for the comment and I look forward to seeing you around here more often!

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