FFD*C Official Dragon*Con “Events”

2 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012!!!!

I am still fat. I am utterly failed and no one to blame but myself. And Mardi Gras.

I’m roughly the same size as I was about a year ago, when I started this blog. I’ve had ups and down, of course. I spent most of my time trying to lose weight, but it seems obvious now that at my age, short periods of time when I’m not trying to lose weight mean large amounts of weight gain.

Louis CK has a bit where his doctor tells him that there is no period of time when he can stop exercising. “That’s just something you do now.” Well, eating right and exercising now have to be like that. Just something I do, without any sort of “Weeelllll, I’ll do this for 6 months and then I’ll be fit.”

Failure aside, this is still fitfordragoncon.com, and I’m gonna keep trying.


Tropical, soon-to-be hurricane, Storm Isaac is bearing down on me. I can hear him breathing down my neck in the trees outside already. Therefore this will more than likely be my last post until Dragon*Con or afterwards. Meaning, I’m taking my laptop to Dragon*Con in hopes of posting something while actually there. In my mind I’m picturing a video of myself, drunk, talking to random cosplayers. This probably will not happen, as I’m too shy to do that, even when smashed. But that’s what I’m picturing, and as my wife can tell you, the things I talk about doing as a joke while sober have a funny way of becoming all too true after a few glasses of scotch.

Anyway, the power will go out soon and probably won’t be back on until after I leave for Dragon*Con.

Speaking of Dragon*Con, here are a couple events that I have planned:

1. “Where’s Waldo?”-style contest. If you can find me at Dragon*Con, you will receive a couple vintage issues of Heavy Metal magazine. This is cool because Kevin Eastman will be there and you can probably get him to sign it. This will work like a lotto: if no one finds me Friday, the Heavy Metal for Friday gets pushed to Saturday, so whomever may find me on Saturday gets two issues. Plus! Bonus: whoever finds me on Saturday receives the very first issue of Groo: the Wanderer! It’s not in the greatest shape, but it’s readable and it’s really good.

Anyway, this may not be incentive to seek me out, but if you see me, say hi and get a free comic. How do you know what I look like? I’ll be posting a vlog in a second about this whole thing.

I wish I was as handsome as this guy.

2. Dragon*Con-themed Pathfinder Game. If anyone is interested, I may run a Pathfinder RPG and/or AD&D 2nd Edition game in our room at the Marriott. If you are unfamiliar with Pathfinder, it is basically 3.5 edition AD&D. This game will be Dragon*Con themed: our merry band of adventurers find themselves imprisoned in a strange tower with lots of strange folk about, any of which could be their ultimate enemy: Phantom of the Opera Costume Man!!!! It’ll be fun, but only if I get some interest. There may be free liquor drinks involved, while they last. If no one responds, no big deal.

3. Official fitfordragoncon.com Carouse. Saturday night myself and my Dragon*Con buddy will be attending the Aquarium party, and then also sliding around Dragon*Con fucked up as a couple of soup sandwiches.
Wanted: a group of like-minded individuals who take nothing seriously and are looking for some serious good times, adventure, excitement, and possibly mischief. Get in touch.

I have never done a vlog before. I usually hate them. I hate my fat self and my stupid Southern accent. Oh well. I guess there’s no way for the “Where’s Jackass?” contest to work if no one knows what I look like.

Rest assured, my precious, this video is a fleeting moment in fitfordragoncon history, as it will be deleted asap after Dragon*Con is over.

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