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Finishing Up Your Dragon*Con Playlist

This is continued from the last post about making a Dragon*Con playlist. As said before, I would really like to get this playlist up to 5 hours, so that it will last the entire distance. To this end, I would … Continue reading

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The Art of the Dragon*Con Playlist

Only 34 Days Until Dragon*Con2012!!!! If you have ever seen the movie, or read the book, “Hi Fidelity”, you know that making a playlist is serious business. If you are my age, you made mixtapes (though I think some people … Continue reading

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Swimming for Fitness

43 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012!!! That is about 6 weeks. I can math. Today I wanted to post something about fitnessing, which I have not done in awhile. In particular, swimming. A very summertime activity enjoyed by millions who are … Continue reading

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2 Movie Reviews.

47 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012!!! Lawd. It’s so close I can already smell the strange mix of hairspray, plastic, food court food, and body odor that means Dragon*Con. And here I sit, completely UNfit for Dragon*Con, eating a “cherry cheese … Continue reading


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