AC/DC Ghostbusters

I did not make this, but it may have materialized out of my wildest dreams. This combines so many good things, I don’t even know what to say. I’ll be perfectly frank: I am jealous and wish I had made this.

Ingredient List for Total Domination:

1. AC/DC

2. Ghostbusters

3. Chevy Chase

I mean, is there really anything else you need? I mean, really?

Whoever created this masterpiece, I hope all your tricks are treats and all your candies are animal-shaped.

May you live in the hearts and minds of nostalgia-obsessed rockers everywhere. Forever. Amen.

So say we all.

I’m not posting this to Facebook or the Tweetsies because it is just too awesome, which I guess says something about how I view my other posts.

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2 Responses to AC/DC Ghostbusters

  1. Alright. I’m gonna try not to bombard you with Halloween stuff. Apologies in advance. I’ll start slow.

    ThunderBusters rocks. And I must figure out a way to get it onto a Halloween mix posthaste.

    Here’s my Halloween present for you today. I’ve listened to this a million times, and the twist at the end kills me every time I hear it:

    • It had me in the palm of its hand at “It looks lahk a punkin pahhhh… with its clothes on.”


      I have planned on getting round to the “Sounds from the Haunted House” Disney record at some point this year, which is fairly similar.

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