344 Days until Dragon*Con 2012…

And that is 344 days that I have to get fit and be able to fit into a great costume. 344… le sigh…. le pant… le oof.

Today this blog realized its destiny. Meaning, I would not have gone to the JFZ if I didn’t feel an obligation to post on this site about what I did for exercise today.

I know it is still early in the game, but this morning felt like extra innings. I like to think that everyone who goes to the gym has to struggle and fight against the will to sleep in, but I really have no clue if that is the case or not. Consequently, when I got to the gym, my legs and body protested crawling my fat ass up onto that whirly bird, and really went bananas when I started whirlying around on the pedals. I picture my legs clamoring like the BAD Mogwai in Gremlins when they wanted Billy to feed them after midnight. (I contemplated linking to a video here, but I’m operating under the assumption that, if you are reading this blog, you not only have seen the film masterpiece Gremlins, but that you know exactly what I’m talking about. Besides, if I linked up every single vague reference I made, it would just not be fun for the people who pick up on them. Not that the Gremlins reference was vague by any means. Quite the contrary, as I simply said it out loud. Or rather, typed it out quietly. Ahem. moving on…)

In other words, chalk one up for the whirly bird. You can’t win them all, but I prefer to win most of the time, and after the asskickin’ the whirly bird took yesterday, I should have expected at least a little retaliation. I made it 30 mins before the gremlins in my legs won the battle (I did, however come home and play around with my dumbbells a little).

I can just see all my friends placing bets, both mental and monetary, on whether I will last the next 344 days, or whether this is just another fad. Of course, like Criswell says, “We are all interested in the future, for that is where we will all spend the rest of our lives.” There is no way of knowing, right now, if 344 days from now I’ll still be doing this blog, still be exercising regularly, still eating as well as I can. There will, of course, be speed humps. For instance, sometime between October 1st and the 15th there will be a reckoning with some buffalo wings.

A couple weeks ago, I went through the Zaxby’s drive-thru and got a lot of buffalo wings. 30, to be exact. When I got my food, attached was a coupon that said, “Bring this coupon and your receipt back to Zaxby’s between October 1st and the 15th and receive this exact same order FREE.”

There is no way I am turning down free buff’lo wangs. No way. I don’t care.

So that is a loss that is in the mail, for sure. Of course, there are other hurdles to clear between here and there, as well. Vacations (always, to me, not just a speed hump, but a full-blown road block with breathalizers and blinky lights and shit), Christmas (what is Christmas without tasty holiday treats?), Halloween (candy candy candy), and Mardi Gras (copious amounts of beer consumption), just to name a few. These are hurdles that I must clear on my path to D*C 2012. Clear, and keep going. It will be tuff, I have no doubt of that, but unlike the past when I’ve thrown in the towel after a week of Mardi Gras or vacation, I must get back on the whirly bird and continue.

I know some of you may say, “the easiest way is just to stay on the horse the whole way.” And you may be right, for you. But I can go ahead and assure you that, when Mardi Gras comes around, I will enjoy it as much as I can. And when Christmas comes around, sure, I’ll have a tree-shaped cookie… but one! Moderation in all things and whatnot.

le Sigh. I am babbling and have no clue what I’m talking about.

I’m just going to go ahead and wrap this one up by saying that tomorrow I’ll sleep until noon, but then I plan on hitting the free weights, kettlebell, and pushsitups. I also will be having lunch with my sister. Eating out is always a challenge when trying to lose weight, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m now off to the museum, but I may be back later with an “About Media” post which, hopefully, will be a bit more fun to read.


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