Fit for Dragon*Con is Live and On the Air

Hail and Well Met, my fellow fat sweaty nerds, geeks, and other ne’er-do-wells!

How does a person start something like a blog? What drives a person to think that whatever they have to say is so important that it simply MUST be shared with the world of the internet?

Well, friends, I don’t know what that something is, but we’ve apparently all got it because sites like tweeter and facebox (and wordpress) have clearly done well for themselves.

To be honest, I am extremely technologically illiterate. I don’t have a facebook, I don’t have a tweets, and I have no clue what an RSS is.

Really, I’m just an overweight, nerdly sort of chap who wants to get back in shape for Dragon*Con 2012.

fit like a rabbit!

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3 Responses to Fit for Dragon*Con is Live and On the Air

  1. Pumpy says:

    Watership Down, yo. Hazel-Rah. (Wasn’t that his name?)

  2. Indeed, this picture is from the cover of one of my favorite books, Watership Down by Richard Adams. The animated movie freaked me out as a kid and it took me forever to figure out where these mental images of bloody, rabid, rabbits came from. Hazel and Fiver were the main characters, Hazel-Rah was Hazel’s name when he became chief of the rabbits. There’s just something so pastoral and pagan about the story that I just love it, like Wind in the Willows.

  3. Caroline says:

    Dood. I am blog retarded but I will try to be a good student and learn about the blog world.

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