Days Off & Night of the Demons

I took yesterday off from the blog. Not sure if you noticed.

I gotta say, it felt good. I may start taking more days off. I think it would probably be better, in the long run, if I provided you all with quality content, instead of just posting every day out of some imagined obligation.

Quality over quantity and whatnot.

Thursday I did the Sleepy Hollow scene-by-scene breakdown and, I know I said this before, it took me literally all damn day. I woke up at 11am, started working on it, and didn’t get done until about 7:30pm. It was dinner time then, so I ate a little bite and went to bed… no exercising.

Thursday is usually “exercise at home” day. Meaning: treadmill, sit-ups, kettlebell (Vlad), and free weights. This exercise is vital to my routine because it’s the only weight-lifting I get that isn’t on a machine. I’ve said it before, but believe it or not, I’m no fitness expert.

I’m no expert, but I’m under the impression that lifting free weights, and working Vlad like a mugfug, really works out my “core” by helping me work on my balance. Vlad, in particular, is really good for the core because it works on my balance and it works a lot of muscles that don’t get worked out on the Trilogy of Terror.

I felt bad for skipping Thursday exercise, so Friday I went into the JFZ with trouble for the Whirly Bird on my mind.

I don’t know about you, but I always do the “manual” workout on the Bird. You have several options, most of them simulating either going uphill, downhill, or a mix of both. The “manual” setting lets you set the time and difficulty of your elliptic workout.

I cranked the difficulty up from where I’m usually at (I’m too embarassed to say what my normal setting is, but this was higher than that), and also added some time to my normal length (from 35 to 45 minutes). At the end of this 45 minutes, I felt like a stretched out rubber band. I had to take a serious break before heading downstairs to do the Trilogy.

Someone left me a comment on here when I first started that said that I should try to get up to working out for an hour, then increase the intensity from there.

If you’ll remember my first day, I did the Whirly Bird for 30 minutes and that was the most I could do in a day. Already, I’m up to 35-45 minutes on the elliptical and doing the Trilogy of Terror also. It doesn’t take long to start feeling better, either. I may not look any different, but I feel different. I have more energy, and a lot of that is also because I have a schedule now. When I have a schedule down, coupled with exercising, I feel great almost all day, and I’m ready to go to bed when it’s time to, so I can get up nice and early for the JFZ the next day.

Speaking of schedules, tomorrow I’m gonna be messed up. I have to attend a costume party, so I know I’ll end up getting home late and then having to wake up early tomorrow morning for work. The theme of the party is to “dress up as something/someone from your hometown” because most of the people there won’t be from here. I’m going as a generic “Mardi Gras Man”. No brainer.

Tonight I need something to drink. Anyone have any suggestions? What can I drink that won’t give me a bad hangover, won’t get me fat, and won’t turn me into a maniac? Water, right? I’m thinking wine right now, but not much because of the terrible hangover I get from wine (tannins? sulfites? brain worms? something…).

Night of the Demons

Angela is having a party… Jason and Freddy are too scared to come…

you are invited.

This picture used to scare me out of my wits. I couldn’t even look at it. I had nightmares as a kid just about this freakin cover… and I saw it every time I went into the corner video store. There was no way not to see it!
If you wanted to look at the case for “New York Ripper” that had the bare boobies on it, you had to venture into the horror section… and there would be Angela, waiting for me, inviting me to her Halloween party.
If just the cover scared me this badly, I could not even fathom how paralyzingly frightening the contents of this videotape could be…
I think there’s a remake of this, which is hard to believe. NOTD was made in 1988, so it’s not even that old. Plus, it wasn’t that popular, even back then, so where’s the usual built-in audience for this remake?
Doesn’t matter. Forget about all shitty remakes, because you won’t hear me praise any of them.
Like a lot of horror flicks in the 70’s and 80’s, this movie’s premise is “teenagers partying in the wrong place”. I wasn’t old enough in the 80’s to know this for sure, but I am certain that teenagers in the 80’s were only interested in finding new places to party and taking their clothes off. And making money. Aaaaand possibly a little amateur sorcery. Kids in the 80’s ruled.
The plot is this:
A group of teens, the youngest of whom is about 500 years old, break into an abandoned funeral home called “Hull House” (no doubt an homage to Shirley Jackson’s Hill House) to party on Halloween night.
They engage in a little improvised wizardry (for more evidence that kids in the 80’s loved this shit, I only need to direct you to either “Ghoulies” or “the Gate”), which accidentally wakes up some badass demons. The demons are demons in much the same way that the demons in the Lamberto Bava film “Demons” are demons. Once they possess someone, it’s contagious. So if you get bitten by a possessed person, you also turn into a rabid badger.
They never leave, for some reason. I honestly can’t remember if they are trapped in the house or if they are just a bunch of ignoranimooses. They are probably trapped, a la “Hell House”.
If you’re looking for blood, boobs, and some decent make-up effects, I recommend this movie. It’s got scream-queen Linnea Quigley in it, so you know you’ll get to see her naked, at least.
Plus, one of the things I love about this flick (and about Lamberto Bava’s “Demons”) is that, once things get started (and it doesn’t take long to set up this complicated plot, I can tell ya), they don’t let up until the end. I really miss these ultra-aggressive horror movies from the 80’s.
I mean, just look at this hellbeast…

that inverted cross earring! laugh out loud!

They don’t make em like that anymore. These days, Possessed Angela would look like a character in Silent Hill: all cgi and crazy limbs, walking on her back or something. That may have been shocking when the Exorcist did it (still is), but gimme a break with the cgi. These old-fashioned make-up effects really look great.
I think it was Tom Savini who said that his effects were “magic tricks”. And I like that.
So check out “Night of the Demons” and wish me luck for tonight (this good luck wish is two-fold: 1. I don’t drink too much. 2. I make it in to work tomorrow morning).

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