October 2012 at fitfordragoncon Trailer

I have made another video! This one is a lot more simple and is only meant to advertise what is going to be going on here at fitfordragoncon this October. Watch the video and get totally let down.

Do not worry, there will be at least one breakdown/review this October. I know how worried you were. Like, not at all.
Watch this:

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6 Responses to October 2012 at fitfordragoncon Trailer

  1. Your Obedient Serpent says:

    Hoo boy… I knew what that particular book was at a glance (“The Thing” gave me nightmares for years).

    • Dude, that book brought me both joy and sleepless nights for many years. I think a lot of it was the pictures, they were just too perfect.
      Also, I’ll be sure to pass along your request to hear “the Thing” to Claude.

  2. Brandon says:

    Yes, the pictures were the thing! Which is why I can’t believe that the current editions have different illustrations. Lame ass illustrations at that. I need to dig around in my parents’ attic and see if I can find my copies. I’d like to read them again, and last time I checked, they were going for a really good price online.

    • Yeah, I had to repurchase them via amazon after spending way too much time, and tearing up the house, looking for them. I got all 3 for less than $30, and they are the original versions with the original illustrations.
      Claude will be sure to “show the pictures” as he is reading them. I guarantee it.

  3. Your Obedient Serpent says:

    Yes indeed, those illustrations were the stuff of nightmares. That was one very effective artist…

    Those graphics may well be part of the reason that for the longest time, perhaps this is *still* the case, these the most consistently banned children’s books in American libraries.

    • Really? I did not know that. I also didn’t know, until I got it from amazon, that there were THREE of them. I was vaguely aware that there were two, but I had never seen the 2nd one until it showed up on the doorstep, begging to be read by an alien.
      A quick perusal of the 3rd one gives me the impression that it isn’t as good as the first two.

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