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Back to the JFZ….

Only 22 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 weeks. Time to buckle down for the home stretch… While I’m definitely behind on my weight loss goals, which I do not blame on myself, but rather on my laziness and eating more … Continue reading

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Swimming for Fitness

43 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012!!! That is about 6 weeks. I can math. Today I wanted to post something about fitnessing, which I have not done in awhile. In particular, swimming. A very summertime activity enjoyed by millions who are … Continue reading

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D*C 2012 Guest List Excitement!

Only 92 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012!!!!   I had no idea that we had gotten so close to this year’s Dragon*Con. I really wanted to do a big “100 Days to Go!” post, but I haven’t been paying much attention … Continue reading

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What Would GI Joe Do???

122 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012… It seems like just yesterday I was serious about being Conan at 2012… and not the O’Brien type with onions and peppers. Today that seems like a ridiculous goal, despite whether I ever could have … Continue reading

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Cosplay 101

Only 169 Days Until Dragon*Con 2012… That is 13 squared. Sorry, I enjoy perfect squares. So today should be double lucky, right? Two thirteens… I should be up front about the title of today’s post: I am not giving lessons … Continue reading

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